Your Massachusetts Green Energy Requirements

Massachusetts has green energy programs designed to make the state more environmentally-friendly. These programs set minimum amounts for green energy products as requirements for how much of their energy must come from renewable sources. Many residents and business owners in Massachusetts want to choose green energy products for their properties. The programs that the state has in place mean that there is a range of suppliers and products on offer for your Massachusetts electricity requirements. Keep reading to find out more about renewable energy in MA and how you can find the products that are right for you.

Supplier Renewable Requirements in Massachusetts

States across the country have set their own requirements and targets for the production and use of renewable energy. Massachusetts created the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS), which was one of the first programs in the country to set a renewable energy target for a state. There is also the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS), which helps to encourage businesses, institutions and governments to use renewable energy. The RPS is split into RPS Class I and RPS Class II. The renewable energy obligation for these categories is expressed as a percentage of a supplier's total energy. The RPS Class I requirement is 11% as of 2016 and set to increase by 1% each year. RPS Class II suppliers must have 3.6% renewable energy supplies and 3.5% waste energy.

The APS offers incentives to businesses and other organizations to install alternative energy systems. It also has a green energy requirement. It began at 1% in 2009, to increase by 0.5% each year until 2014, and 0.25% thereafter. To comply with the RPS and APS, Retail Energy Suppliers need to have Renewable Energy Certificates.

Renewable Products

Energy suppliers in MA can also offer products with a green energy content that exceeds the minimum requirements. These products are excellent choices for anyone who is environmentally conscious and wants to do more for the planet. A green energy product could feature a much higher renewable energy content. In fact, some of them supply 100% green electricity. As well as electricity from renewable sources, you can also explore natural gas products. Some energy suppliers in Massachusetts also offer solar products so that you can benefit from green energy even further.

Green Energy Costs

One of the things that may worry some people about green energy products is the cost. You might think that your MA electricity rates will be higher if you choose a product that offers a higher percentage of green energy. However, many suppliers have products which are just as affordable as their other options. You can still choose fixed-rate or variable pricing for your contract so you can select the one that suits your needs best. Some plans combine green electricity and gas so that you can take care of both at once and possibly make some savings too.

If you're looking for green energy in Massachusetts, you have a number of suppliers and products from which to choose.