Understanding Your Eversource Electricity Rate

Have you ever looked at your energy bill from Eversource and wondered what it all means? Of course, your eye is drawn to the amount that you're going to be charged. But that's not all that matters. The first step in getting the best Eversource electricity rate is to understand your Eversource bill.

Lowering your Eversource Bill

The first step in reducing your Eversource electricity rate is to look at the Energy Supply rate you are paying. The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) states the typical rate for electricity in the Eversource region is presently 28.10¢ per kWh. Based on this price, you could see savings as large as 40% based upon a typical home using 1,000 kWh/month.

Note: The EIA average includes all taxes, transmission and supply fees. That is the “all in” rate and includes all the utility fees and the retail electricity costs. We provide the same “all in pricing” so you get the real “apples to apples” price comparison when you??™re shopping for energy rates in Massachusetts.


1. Your Account Number. You'll need these items when you switch service

2. Your Service Address

3. Your Supply Charges (Your competitve supply cost- You can shop for a batter rate)

4. Your Electricity Delivery/Utility Charges (Transmission, The "Poles and Wires" charges)

5. Your Electricity Supplier (You can shop for a better rate)

Eversource Sample MA Bill


At-a-Glance Summary

Right at the top of your bill, in the right-hand corner, you will see an at-a-glance summary. Here, all the important things will be covered in a way that's easy to comprehend. You should read this first before looking any further down the page. The amount due and the due date will be included in this summary. When you've read it, you can move onto the rest of the bill.

Supply & Delivery Charges

Directly underneath the at-a-glance summary, you'll find the supply and delivery charges. This is a breakdown of the charges. So, if your summary said that you owned $125, the supply and delivery charges, when combined, should add up to that amount. It's not essential to know this breakdown, but when you're being charged, it's good to know how the sum is being calculated. Underneath this, the supplier details will be listed. You have choice when it comes to your supplier. There is an active competitive market where you can shop for the best electricity rate, from dozens of energy providers in Massachusetts

Personalized Energy Usage

Moving to the left-hand side of the page, you'll find a breakdown of your personalized energy usage. It will show you your month-by-month usage. This allows you to compare how much energy you are using from one month to the next. You can see if your usage is gradually increasing or decreasing. If you notice it increasing, you can start to use a little less.

Total Amount Due

Underneath all of the above, there will be a big box that displays the total amount due. This will be the same amount that it displayed at the top of the page in the at-a-glance summary. They display it again just so that it is clear and easy to find for customers. Again, this will also include the date by which the amount is due to be paid.

Meter Readings

This and the information below are included on the second page of the bill. First up is the meter readings. There will be a summary of your usage. And, for future reference, the date of your next meter readings will be displayed. You can then make sure that someone is in the house to allow the meter to be read by the representative from Eversource.

Electric Account Summary and Detailed Charges

The electric account summary is displayed to the right of the meter readings data. This will tell you when you last paid a bill and that the payment was received. Balance forward information will also be on display here in case you want to check it.

Key Contacts, Information, Billing Information

Finally, there will be a bit of information on key contacts if you need to get in touch with the company. Customer service information will also be displayed clearly here. Underneath all that, there will be the billing information. This is the very last thing on the bill, so check it to make sure everything is in order.