Eversource Switching FAQ

Are you thinking about switching your energy supply from Eversource? As the incumbent Utility for large section sof the state, they are one of the top electricity suppliers in MA. But switching your energy supplier can make a difference in your monthly bill in a big way. Hopefully, you'll find all the questions that you have and the answers you need within the following article. This should make your switch easier and less stressful.

What Is The Main Benefit Of Switching From Eversource?

We understand that Eversource Electricity rates can be hard to understand. That??™s why you have Electric Choice - the ability to compare the best electric price from over 30 licensed suppliers in Massachsetts.

The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) states the typical rate for electricity in the Eversource region is presently 28.10¢ per kWh. Based on this price, you could see savings as large as 40% based upon a typical home using 1,000 kWh/month. That's big savings!

Note: The EIA average includes all taxes, transmission and supply fees. That is the “all in” rate and includes all the utility fees and the retail electricity costs. We provide the same “all in pricing” so you get the real “apples to apples” price comparison when you??™re shopping for energy rates in Massachusetts.

Can I Get Natural Gas In My Area?

If you're interested in whether or not you can get natural gas where you live, just give us a call or contact us by email. One of our friendly team members will be able to assist you with your enquires. Failing that, you can head straight to the company themselves. They should be able to tell you whether you can get natural gas by filling out an online form. It's quick, easy and you'll have an answer within days!

Should I Make The Switch?

We can't answer this question for you. What we can say is that the natural gas provided by eversource is perfect for heating your home and an excellent energy source. The company also provides fantastic electricity rates. You'll be able to keep the house warm through winter, fuel the fire and supply energy to all of your appliances.

How Do I Switch?

Switching to Eversource couldn't be easier if you're interested in starting the process today. You can contact us or Eversource and speak to an advisor. After that, a sales rep will talk you through everything you need to know and arrange an appointment. They will then help you find a contractor to make the switch and setup your home. The includes everything you need such as a meter and an activation date.

When Will I Start Seeing The Effects?

You'll notice the effect of switching to Eversource the next time your energy bill comes in. We think you'll find that it will be substantially lower because Eversource electricity rates are hard to beat. This is due to the efficient source of energy that you will now be using. It's better for you and the planet as a whole.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

Only that there are plenty of deals and financial opportunities available once you make the switch. You can research these and ensure that you are getting the best plan at the right price. These are readily available to peruse on the Eversource website. Overall though, we don't think you'll be disappointed with the Eversource electricity rates even without any deals.