Energy Choice in Massachusetts

Whenever you choose a product or service, you want to have a choice. It's no different when you're choosing an energy supplier. You want to have a range of prices to select from, as well as different services and perhaps perks to enjoy. Fortunately, your Massachusetts energy choice gives you an array of options. When you look beyond the basic services, you can find different products from a number of competitive companies. By looking at these choices, you could get a great deal on price or the service you receive. Your choices might include fixed contracts or renewable energy. Read more about your energy choices below.

Basic Service

If you choose not to buy a product from the competitive market, residential electric suppliers in MA will offer you a basic service. If you choose to stick with the basic service, there are two options for prices. You can choose a fixed-price option, which lasts for six months without the price changing. Your other option is monthly pricing, which can mean that the cost of energy goes up or down each month. You will be placed on the basic service to start with and must contact your energy supplier if you want to be moved to a monthly plan.

Competitive Products

You can also choose to look at the competitive supply market if you want to consider some different deals. Like the basic service, you will have a choice of fixed-price or variable contacts. A fixed-price contract might last a number of months, or it could be valid for a few years. One of the positives is that you know how much your energy will cost during this period. However, if you want to end the contract, you may have to pay a fee. With variable pricing, you can't be certain of how much your energy will cost each month. However, this could help you save money, and you can usually end your contract at any time.

Massachusetts Renewable Energy

Another factor to consider when choosing your energy in Massachusetts is renewable energy. Green energy options are available for residents who want to do their part to be kinder to the environment. A renewable energy product contains a percentage of its energy from a renewable source. These could be sources such as wind, solar or hydropower. These products have to meet the minimum requirements set by the renewable portfolio standards. There are RPS Class I products, which feature at least 11% of their energy from a renewable source. RPS Class II products supply energy from renewable sources, as well as waste energy.

Other Energy Products

Many energy suppliers in MA also offer a range of other products connected to your energy supply. For example, they might offer smart meters, which you can use to monitor your energy usage, or solar products to help you generate your own energy. They sometimes also offer perks such as reward programs so that you can benefit from their services further.

You have a choice of energy suppliers and types of energy supply in Massachusetts. Make sure you're aware of your options when choosing a product.