How to switch from WEMEco to a Competitive Supplier

Switching your energy supplier might seem like a big move. But it could be one that you and your family benefit from significantly. If you're a WMECo customer looking to switch, you can find out more about this by reading the answers to the questions below.

What are the Options?

As a resident of Massachusetts, you will have many options to choose between when it comes to deciding which company to switch to. You can find a deal that offers you better value for money, and many other benefits. You can find more information on potential benefits below. It's not all about price, though. Looking at other providers will open your eyes to what's out there. You may want to use green energy or find a lower rate that fits your needs.

What is the average electricity rate in the WMECo area?

We understand that WMECo Electricity rates can be hard to understand. That??™s why you have Electric Choice - the ability to compare the best electric price from over 30 licensed suppliers in Massachsetts.

The EIA (U.S. Energy Information Administration) states the typical rate for electricity in the WMECo region is presently 28.10¢ per kWh. Based on this price, you could see savings as large as 40% based upon a typical home using 1,000 kWh/month. That's big savings!

Note: The EIA average includes all taxes, transmission and supply fees. That is the “all in” rate and includes all the utility fees and the retail electricity costs. We provide the same “all in pricing” so you get the real “apples to apples” price comparison when you??™re shopping for energy rates in Massachusetts.

Can I Get Natural Gas In My Area?

What are the Benefits of Switching?

For most people, the major benefit of switching their energy supplier is the effect it has on their finances. It's easy to get stuck in a deal that's not right for you without realising that there could be better options out there for you. Also, some energy companies are much more forward-thinking than others when it comes to green energy. Green energy solutions are much better for the environment, and they can help you to save money as well.

How Much Can be Saved?

This is the question that you probably most want to find an answer to. Of course, that will depend on your current deal and how you choose to switch. There are many variables that will have an impact on how much money can be saved on your energy bill each month. It's not uncommon, however, for people to save upward of $150 on their bills when they make a switch using a price comparison site. It's something you should definitely look into if you want to save big.

What Happens During the Switching Process?

There is no impact at all. Your lights stay on. There is no interuption in your service. You get a bill from your utility and pay it as you usually do, but you'll notice that you have a new supplier and a better rate. Energy companies tend to be good at making the transition smooth.

When Can You Make the Change?

As a customer of an energy supplier, you have no obligation to stay with one unless you are in a contract. There is no need for you to carry on using the services of a particular company if you can get a better deal elsewhere. The one thing that you have to be careful of is exit penalties. Check your contract and see if these apply to you. Even if they do, it might make sense to pay the penalty if you will save more money in the long-term. So, don't let them put you off.