Massachusetts Electricity Switching Rules

Are you looking to switch from NSTAR, Eversource, or WEMCo Standard Service in Massachusetts to a competitive retailer, there are several things to consider.

Standard Service in Massachusetts

Standard Service is the generational supply package that you will get from the utilities in MA. If you do not choose an alternative supplier, you will be on Standard Service by default.

You are entitled to switch providers if you feel your MA electric rates will be cheaper. There are several electricity providers MA that all offer different services. But, there are also some ground rules about switching.

How to Switch Suppliers

Your first step is to shop for a new energy rate. Whether you're shopping for natural gas or electricity, you can start on our site and find a great rate.

You can decide to switch from the Standard Service supplied by your utilityat any time. The Switch is seemless. Nothing changes, just your electricity rate. Once you've been accepted, your service will switch after your next meter read. So if you sign up for an alternative provider on the 5th and your meter read is on the 20th. Your service will not be switched until after the 20th. Check your latest bill and the date should be displayed there.

How to switch back to Standard Service

You may not be happy with your new Massachusetts electric rates, in which case you could consider switching back to Standard Service. There are a few things to know about the process.

First of all, the electricity suppliers in CT change their rates every six months - once on January 1st, and again on July 1st every year. The rates are fixed, and both UI and Eversource will publish any changes around seven weeks before the change. It allows consumers to make correct choices about whether switching back will be beneficial.

Customers switching back should always contact UI or Eversource. Switching via your current supplier can often end up with delays. Ensure you have all your account information whenever you contact the generational suppliers. It is usual for UI and Eversource to process your enrolment and switch your electricity within 72 hours. Bear in mind that if you are in a contract with an alternative supplier, there will be cancellation fees.