How We Score Massachusetts Electricity Providers

Our comprehensive ratings and assesments use multiple data sources to determine the scores of each provider.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are important because we understand that nothing matters more than the direct experience of the consumer. If a company has a track record of producing dissatisfied and unhappy customers, it will say something about the business. At the same time, when a company has lots of happy customers, it will say something positive, which should also be taken into account. We listen to the experiences of all customers, so write a review of a company you have used if you would like to.

Customer Service

Customer service is another issue that we take very seriously when scoring MA electricity providers. If the service they are offering is not exactly up to scratch, then you might call them up. This is when you have a chance to see how the company deals with customers, especially unhappy ones. If they are rude, unhelpful or dismissive of you in any circumstances, it reflects badly on the business. So, we always look at customer service performance levels when it comes to scoring a particular company.

Plan Pricing

Pricing is something that obviously matters a lot to people. It's not just about looking at what the prices are and how low they are, although that is important. It's also about what you get as a part of the plan. Does it offer good value for the money that consumers are paying? If not, why not? These are the kinds of questions we ask and look at in order to score these electricity providers. We know that customers don't have money to throw away. You need to get the best price plan possible for you.

Third Party Data Sources

We research a number of third party data sources, then we conduct our own research. Our research includes historical pricing, plan types, and deposit amounts, then we add items such as social media response times, Call center metrics, such as time on hold, time to speak to a representative, etc. We also look at community outreach and local impact.