Best Holiday Electric Rate in Boston

There's still time to give yourself a lower electric rate in Boston this holiday season.

Find Cheap Boston Electric Rate

An electric rate that saves you money is one of the best gifts you can give yourself this year! Shop and compare these cheap Boston electricity plans now!
Eversource’s PTC rate increases next month, but there’s still time to save! Shop and compare now to give yourself the gift of a lower electric rate in Boston this holiday season!

It doesn’t take long to figure out that electricity in MA is expensive. Especially with rising electricity rates during a potentially cold winter. But customers living in Boston could be looking at some savings just in time for the new year. That’s why it’s time to treat yourself to the Best Holiday Electric Rate in Boston.

Shop Before a Boston Electric Rate Spike

Smart holiday rate shopping starts with checking out Eversource’s basic supply rate. In Eastern MA, the rate will rise from 17.871 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 25.649 cents per kWh. This is an increase of about 43% that will last from January through to the end of June.

For reference, these rates means the annual cost of powering an energy-efficient refrigerator goes up from about $19 to about $27.20. But you don’t need to pay that much if you shop these electricity plans that offer cheap rates or offer cost-saving benefits.

Cheapest Boston Electric Rates

If the bottom line is what you’re after, then check out Constellation’s electricity plans. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan charges a 17.49 cents per kWh rate. That rate could power an energy-efficient refrigerator for about $18.50 per year. Alternately, you could subscribe to the 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. This offers renewable power for 18.99 cents per kWh for two years. That runs a refrigerator for about $20 a year.

Constellation helps you monitor and control your spending with regular energy usage emails. The company also has a great refer-a-friend program that could land you and your friends $50 prepaid gift cards. These rates have been steady since October, so it’s reasonable to assume these rates will remain during the early new year.

Best 12-Month Fixed Electric Rates

If you don’t want to commit to a company for the long haul, then you might consider these 12-month fixed plans. While rates have been on the rise in recent months, thankfully, none of them charge early termination fees. Which means you can cancel your plan if your circumstances change in the new year.

Major Energy’s Secure Choice 12 Plan has a 21.79 cents per kWh rate. This powers our energy-efficient refrigerator for about $23 a year. Or you could try their Secure Green Choice 12 Plan, which offers renewable power for 21.99 cents per kWh. Here, it could power our refrigerator for about $23.30 a year. Customers could save even more money because of the Major Energy Rewards program.

You might check out Verde Energy‘s Clean Power 12 Plan as well. They charge 22.29 cents per kWh, which can power a refrigerator for about $23.60 per year. Verde Energy’s customer service ranks in the top 20 of our MA company ratings. On top of that, customers can save on travel, dining, and shopping with the Verde Energy Rewards program.

Boston Holiday Energy Savings

Because the holidays are almost over, it time to get serious about saving money. Thankfully, Boston has a few great options to weather the storm of the January rate hike. Check out these plans and compare their rates to help your budget recover.

You can learn more about the energy industry in Massachusetts as well as how to shop for Massachusetts electricity providers‘, rates and plans at

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