Best Smart Home Gifts for Christmas

Our best smart home gifts this holiday season add convenience and energy efficiency thjroughout your home.

Shop Smart Gifts For Christmas

Our best smart Home Gifts for Christmas this combine style, security, and efficiency. They're sure to thrill the gadget geek in your life!
Check our best smart Home Gifts for Christmas! These connected devices are sure to “activate” the gadget geek in your life!

Many of us have Gadget Geeks in our life. They seem to always be on the cutting edge of everything from devices to ways to save energy. So it’s not always easy to shop gifts for them, especially at the last minute. But here are some cool ideas of the best smart home gifts for Christmas.

Best Smart Home Speakers

I love cutting on some tunes or a video essay while I’m doing chores around the home. So I’m always on the hunt for speakers that sound great and work with Alexa. That’s why I’ve kept an eye on the Sonos One.

It’s small enough to fit on most shelves around my home and has an iOS app that tunes the acoustics to match my room. So the sounds are crisp and sweet. Which is really nice when I’m listening to something with heavy bass. As a plus, it also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so I can bring it to my friend’s house without issue.

Smart and Secure Home Lighting

With electricity rates being what they are, I want to cut costs where I can. Smart lights make it easy to control lighting so I’m not wasting power. And some can be adjusted so I can set the right mood for whatever I’m doing.

That’s why I really like the Philips Hue. Not only do I get the features above, but they also work on the industry standard Zigbee protocol rather than wifi. Which makes them more reliable and secure.

Convenient Smart Home Plugs

I’ve also been looking at smart plugs this year. Because I don’t always remember to unplug my devices. And even when they’re off, laptops, cable boxes, and TVs still drain power while they’re plugged in, even if they’re off. Smart plugs and power strips cut off this drain saving you money. My current favorite is the Wyze plug since it works with Amazon and Google.

Cool Home Locks

I’ll admit that this one is more indulgent. But I like the idea of smart locks. Because hands free entry and security is that Star Trek future I’d like to see. Not to mention that I have been locked out of my house before and nothing’s worse than having to break in to your own home.

Right now, I’ve got my eye set on the August Smart Lock. It looks great and has a huge feature set including automatic door opening when it detects your phone and approved guest list options. Friends have reported that it’s easy to use and install too.

Unexpectedly Cool Home Mirrors

I will admit, this one caught me by surprise. But when I heard about the Capstone Touch Screen Mirror, I had to check it out. It does what a mirror should but can also display video, browse the web, and has built in speakers for music. So it’s a radio, PC, and YouTube all in one. The fact it’s also a sleek and stylish mirror is a huge bonus.

Shop Smart Home Gifts This Christmas

Convenience is the name of the game with smart home gift shopping. And even if your friends seem to have everything, there are plenty of unusual and cool gifts for the gadget geek in your life. My list are things I find cool, and maybe it will inspire some awesome last minute ideas.

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