Shop the Cheapest Cambridge Electricity Plans

Get the cheapest electricity in Cambridge for your home and switch on the savings. Check out plans that beat Eversource Basic Service and shop now!

Save With Cheapest Cambridge Electricity

Get the cheapest Cambridge deal on MA electricity rates for your home. Shop and compare plans now!
You can save a bundle on the cheapest Cambridge electricity plans. Shop and compare rates on these plans now!

As of July 1, MA energy customers have enjoyed smaller electricity bills with a basic service rate drop. And that means Massachusetts electric rates are falling as well. That’s why smart energy shoppers are hunting right now for the best rates to lock into before natural gas rates rise. Here’s how you can shop for the cheapest Cambridge electricity plans.

Compare Basic Service Electricity Rate

From now until December 31, Eversource customers in Cambridge pay 16.078 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for basic service. Massachusetts homes use about 596 kWh of energy per month according to EIA estimates. As a result, electricity customers on average spend roughly $96 per month on the supply portion of their electricity bills.

Now let’s see how you can beat the Eversource basic service rate and save money by shopping for better rates.

Cheapest Cambridge Electricity Plans

The NRG Home Flex Electric Choice plan is the cheapest option around. Customers would be charged 14.60 cents per kWh, or an estimated monthly supply charge of about $87. In addition, NRG Home is among the top ten best rated energy companies in MA. Just be sure to switch or cancel after the initial term, as the plan will renew into a variable month-to-month rate.

Alternatively, you might consider the Constellation 36 Month Home Power Plan. The plan’s 15.09 cents per kWh rate means an estimated monthly supply charge of about $89.90. Not only does Constellation beat the basic service rate, but customer reviews place it as one of the best energy companies in the state. Best of all, customers could save even more money in the new year. Because basic service rates tend to spike in the winter.

Best Renewable Energy Rates

We’ve talked before about the push in MA for net zero emissions by 2050. Some energy shoppers want to do their part by supporting renewable energy today. Thankfully, MA has great options that will still save you money!

For example, check out the Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free Reliable Rate plan. For 15.50 cents per kWh, you can enjoy 12 months of power from wind resources. Or you could support wind and solar products with their SolarSPARC 10% 12 plan for 15.60 cents per kWh. These rates equal a monthly supply charge between $92-$93.

You might also check out the Direct Energy Go Green Lights 12 plan. This plan charges 15.99 cents per kWh. Because of this, customers can expect monthly supply charges of about $95. The Direct Energy Rewards program adds considerable value with discounts on shopping, dining, and travel.

Choose Best Electricity For Your Home

The lower basic service rate has been good for MA energy customers. Because of this, shoppers are seeing some of the best rates in recent months. And if you shop now, you can enjoy huge savings that may even last through this coming winter. All it takes is visiting to shop for your next electricity plan. You can also check out the news and tips that could affect your energy bills.

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