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The Eversource rate hikes have pushed Boston electric rates higher than ever. Learn how you can save more when you compare and shop these great electricity plans.

Consider Cheapest Boston Electric Rates

Boston electric prices are higher than ever. Find out how you can save more on your Eversource bills when you shop now!
Boston electric prices are higher than ever since the Eversource rate increase. Find out how you can save more when you compare and shop these great electricity plans.

Boston electricity customers have been dealing with expensive electricity rates. Which means they can expect to blow their budgets when the January electric bill arrives. But right now, Boston customers have better options that could save them big. Don’t settle when you can shop the best Boston Electric Rates.

Why Shop Boston Electricity Rates

From January 1 to the end of June, Eversource’s basic supply rate has spiked. The basic supply rate went from 15.348 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy to 25.776 cents per kWh. To put it in perspective, in 2021, MA customers used an average of 596 kWh per month. Which means the supply part of your electricity bills, went from about $91 to $153 per month.

Boston customers can do better! Here are some great options.

Cheapest Boston Electricity

Constellation is offering the best rates as of the time of writing. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan charges a 17.69 cent per kWh rate. Which equals a monthly supply charge of about $105 compared to the Eversource default rate. Constellation sends out energy usage emails to help you monitor spending. Customers can also earn some extra spending money with their refer-a-friend program. However, the plan does charge a $150 early termination fee (ETF).

On the other hand, you might consider checking out Major Energy. Their Secure Choice 6 Plan charges 18.99 cents per kWh for 6 months of service. Which equals a monthly supply charge of about $113. Frequent shoppers, diners, and travelers could save even more with their rewards program. Also, this plan doesn’t charge any monthly ETF.

Best Green Electric Rates

On the other hand, what if you demand renewable energy for your home? In that case, you’ll want Verde Energy’s Clean Power 6 plan. For 18.99 cents per kWh, your home will be powered by completely renewable energy. In addition, customers can also benefit from their reward programs shopping, dining, and travel discounts. On top of this, Verde Energy does not charge an ETF.

Consider Before Shopping Electric Rates

Here’s some food for thought before you make the switch to one of MA’s energy companies. Last year we covered a basic electricity shopping guide, but here’s the major things to consider.

  • Electricity rates are usually cheapest during shoulder month pricing. So keep an eye out, especially around March and April.
  • Fixed rates are usually the safer bet because a set price makes your energy costs easier to predict each month. Variable rates follow the changing market rates so you may experience sudden price spikes.
  • If possible, shop for rates with no ETFs. While you can always cancel or switch a plan, it feels better to do it without worrying about charges.
  • Read your contracts carefully. Some fixed rate plans become variable products when they renew.

Best Boston Electric Rates

Right now, Constellation offers the best deal for electricity in Boston. However, rates may change when shoulder month pricing arrives. So, shop smart and keep an eye open for the best deals.

You can learn more about other ways of saving money and energy by comparing MA electric suppliers, rates and plans at

2 thoughts on “Shop The Best Boston Electric Rates!

  1. I am considering changing from Eversource as my supplier of electricity. What is the best energy company for value and reliability on Martha’s Vineyard?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      For value, it really depends on your needs. How much do you use each month?

      With the spring shoulder months starting, rates are going to dip. So you’ll want to lock in a fixed rate as long as you can. But how long depends on what’s right for you. Do you need a long term plan or are you looking for shorter term? What about customer rewards and incentive? Do those matter to you?

      The best thing for you to do is to go to our electricity rates page and start shopping for the plans and rates that meet you needs. Also check through the reviews to see who’s the best provider on Martha’s Vineyard.

      Once you’ve chosen one, you can sign up for the plan right there and it will also be taken care of. Be sure to read the terms of service and the contract summary before you sign up so that you understand what’s in the contract.


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