Shop MA Electricity Rates and Save for REAL!

Learn how much you could save over basic service rates when you shop electricity plans instead.

MA Energy Customers Can Save Today

Shop these electricity plans and see why a report shows MA consumer could save billion on better rates. Get the best deal for you home!
A REAL report says MA consumers may save billions if they shop for the cheapest electricity rates. Learn which plans are priced much lower than basic service.

In September of 2023, MA was in the top five for highest electricity rates in the country. And that means MA energy customers were paying some of the highest energy bills month after month. But it turns out that MA customers could have saved big if they shop for cheaper rates. So let’s see how you can save for REAL if you shop MA electricity rates.

Why Shop For Cheap Electricity Rates?

Recently, the MA Retail Energy Advancement League (REAL) reported that MA energy customers could have saved over $1.1 billion in 2023 if they had shopped for cheaper rates. In fact, REAL found that in December 2023, there were 84 fixed-price energy plans and 64 100% renewable offers that had rates cheaper than basic service rates.

For basic service, Eversource currently charges 17.216 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Meanwhile, National Grid charges 18.213 cents per kWh. Assuming a customer uses the state average of 577 kWh of energy used per month, an average monthly supply charges between $99-$105. What we see in the REAL rates, consumers can do way better just by shopping. Just look at these rates!

Shop Cheap Electricity Rates In MA

If you want the cheapest energy plan in MA, then check out Constellation. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan offers 36 months of power at 14.69 cents per kWh. This means an average monthly supply charge of about $84. Constellation also offers regular energy usage emails to help you monitor your energy saving progress. You might also look over the Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. This plan charges 15.19 cents per kWh (an average monthly supply charge of about $87).

Best Zero ETF Renewable Energy Plans

Smart shoppers might also want plans that don’t charge an early termination fee (ETF). That way, they can cancel or switch at no extra cost if a better deal comes during shoulder month pricing.

You could check out Green Mountain Energy for their Pollution Free Reliable Rate plan. This plan powers your home with wind-generated energy for 15.30 cents per kWh (about $88 supply charge per month). You could also support solar power with their SolarSparc 10% 12 plan which powers our home with 90% wind and 10% solar energy for 15.60 cents per kWh (about $90 monthly supply charge).

You should also check out Direct Energy plans. For example, their Go Green Lights 18 plan charges 15.59 cents per kWh. This means a monthly supply charge of about $89. On top of that, their customers can take advantage of the shopping and dining discounts from their rewards program.

Shop MA ElectricityToday And Save

MA had one of the highest priced electricity in the country last year but rates are lower now. That’s why it’s important to shop and lock in cheaper rates all year round! And you can shop for the best plans in town right here on You can also count on us for all the news that could affect your energy bills.

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