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Even a Smart Meter knows you can save more when you shop the best electric supplier for your home in New Bedford.

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Shop the best supplier for your home's electricity in New Bedford. Stop paying that high Eversource basic service rate!
Find out how you can save more than 15% over the Eversource basic serice rate. Lock in the lowest rates when you shop the best electric supplier for your home.

The Eversource basic service rates rose by 7% at the start of the year. That means New Bedford energy customers are spending more of their hard-earned money during this chilly winter. But if you shop for a new supplier, you can cut your monthly electricity costs. Plus, you may enjoy other money saving benefits. So let’s shop for the best electricity rates you can find in New Bedford.

Why Shop for a New Electricity Supplier

From now until the end of July, Eversource charges a basic service rate of 17.216 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The EIA estimates that MA homes use an average of 577 kWh of energy per month. This means New Bedford customers could spend around $100 per month on supply charges alone!

But if you shop from the best Massachusetts electricity suppliers, you can lock in close to 15% in savings per month! Sound impossible? Keep in mind that last year, REAL estimates that MA customers could have saved over $1.1 billion by shopping for better rates! And some of the best plans and promos add further value with shopping and dining discounts.

Shop the Cheapest New Bedford Supplier

To start with the cheapest rate in New Bedford, you might want to check out the Constellation 36 Month Fixed Rate Plan. This plan has a supply charge of 14.49 cents per kWh. This means an average monthly supply charge of about $83 ($17 less than the basic service rate).

You might also check out out the Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. This plan brings renewable energy into your home for 15.19 cents per kWh, or about $87 per month. This means paying about $13 less than Eversource.

For promos, Constellation customers are also automatically enrolled in a rewards program that offers shopping, dining, and travel discounts. On top of all this, our readers rank Constellation among the top five for best customer service experiences.

Best Zero ETF Electricity Rate

On the other hand, you might want cheap rates and the flexibility to switch to better deals without paying a penalty. In that case, you might be interested in the Green Mountain Energy Pollution Free Reliable Rate plan. This plan charges 15.20 cents per kWh, or about $87 per month ($13 less than Eversource). On top of bringing wind power to your home, Green Mountain Energy doesn’t charge an early termination fee. So, if spring shoulder month pricing falls lower, you could consider switching at no extra cost!

Choose Cheap Electricity In New Bedford

The New Year brought higher Basic Service rates and these will last until the end of July. Sure, it’s too early to tell where rates will be this summer. But, we can lock in low rates that save money in the future if we shop now. You can always shop for the best energy deals in town at You can also count on us for all the news that could affect your bills.

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