Compare Your Best Cambridge Energy Switch Choices

Eversource is already set to hike electricity rates this winter. Now's the time to compare the best energy plans to save on your electricity bills in Cambridge, MA!

Why Shop and Compare Energy Plans?

Compare Energy Choices Now
Eversource is already set to hike electricity rates in western MA. Compare your energy switch choices now and save on your winter electricity bills in Cambridge.

Shopping for cheaper electricity rates isn’t always easy. There’s a whole lot of info you need to understand to help you compare rates, terms of service, and incentives. So, it’s easy to miss out on great deals. But with a little organizing, you’ll be on your way to making the best energy switch MA choices. So, let’s talk about how you can compare your best energy switch choices.

How To Shop and Compare Electric Supply Products

When shopping electric supply products in MA, there are a few things to remember.

First, always compare your utility’s default service rate to energy supplier rates. That’s because you might save a lot just by switching from the default rate to a new plan. For example, Eversource charges 16.078 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy. On the other hand, Constellation charges 14.99 cents per kWh for their 36 Month Home Power Plan. Now, assuming you use an average of 700 kWh per month, Eversource customers spend $112 per month on energy supply. But that drops to about $104 per month with Constellation.

Next, consider the pricing structure for the energy plan. We recommend fixed-rate plans, because they offer predictable monthly supply charges. Also, you can save big by locking in cheap rates, especially during the shoulder months. Make sure you know the plan’s term length because locking in a 12 month rate can shield you from paying more even if wholesale rates spike.

Bonus Tip: Remember that your energy switch won’t go into effect until the next meter read date.

You’ll also want to consider if your plan offers renewable energy. These plans aren’t just better for the environment. By supporting green energy you help fund the future reduction in MA energy prices.

Finally, compare the benefits and incentives offered by these plans. Energy companies often add value to their plans with shopping discounts, cash-back offers, or even not charging early termination fees.

Compare Energy Supplier Disclosure Label

Don’t relax too soon. Even if you have locked in the cheapest rates in town, energy supplies will send you a disclosure label each quarter with information you may need. This includes information about emissions, the companies use of union labor, and pricing information. There will also be clearly labeled customer service number for to call if you have a problem.

Compare Your Energy Switch Choices Now!

Don’t wait any longer to switch! Eversource recently announced it’s raising residential rates in western Massachusetts. On January 1, rates there will rise by 7% to 15.888 cent per kWh. Rate hikes in Cambridge can’t be far off! So now’s the right time to shop the cheapest rates for your home.

Read about all the news that affects your electricity bills and be sure to shop at .

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