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Shop best electricity rates and Find the Cheapest long term electricity plans!

Find Cheapest Electricity Rates

Shop the best electricity plans and lock in a low rate before National Grid raises rates! Compare plans in MA and save!
Now’s the best time to shop best electricity plans and lock in a fixed rate plan to shield your wallet from National Grid’s rate hike! But you gotta hurry!

National Grid customers in MA are in for a rough few months from the coming huge rate hike. Eversource‘s rates may spike as well. But if you shop electricity the smart way, you could save with the cheapest electric rates. You just have to shop for the best term length electricity plans.

Best Time To Shop Electricity Rates

New England relies on natural gas for electricity generation so right now prices are navigating a volatile market. That’s partially because of sanctions against Russian exports, so natural gas prices have risen around the globe. We can see the result with the recently announced National Grid rate hike.

But MA customers aren’t without options. You could lock in electricity savings is by shopping during the shoulder months. Electricity rates tend to be cheapest during the spring and fall months. And if you shop for 12-36 month fixed rates, savings could last from one shoulder month period to the next the following year.

Best of all, some plans don’t charge early termination fees (ETFs). Which means you can cancel or switch to better deals at anytime with no extra cost.

Cheapest Long-Term Fixed Rate

Constellation has the cheapest electricity rates in MA right now. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan charges 17.99 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for 36 months. This rate is 46.9% cheaper than National Grid‘s current rates. Constellation stands out for sending regular energy usage emails to help you manage your power. Also they offer prepaid gift cards via their refer-a-friend program.

Cheap Green Fixed Rate Plans

Verde Energy is very worth considering for their green energy plans. The Clean Power 12 plan charges 20.99 cents per kWh for 12 months. This rate is 38.1% cheaper than National Grid‘s rates. On top of this, customers can take advantage of Verde Energy rewards for shopping, travel, and dining discounts. And let’s not forget that this plan doesn’t charge an ETF. So you can cancel and switch at no extra cost if better deals are around the corner.

Alternatively, you might consider CleanSky Energy as well. Their Embrace Green 24 plan charges 21.99 cents per kWh for 24 months fo power. This rate is 35.1% cheaper than the National Grid rate. In addition to renewable energy, customers can also take advantage of the CleanSky Energy‘s rewards program for shopping, dining, and travel discounts.

Shop the Best Term Length Electricity

Right now, National Grid customers may want to check out the above plans. They can save money right now while the utility rates are high. Eversource customers will also want to keep an eye on these rates because they may get cheaper by the spring. If possible, sign up now for plans with no ETF so you can take advantage of new deals that may show up.

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