Get Your Amherst Home Ready for Winter

Don't wait for cold weather to seal and insulated. Get your home winter ready now. Find out the best things to take care of while it's still warm outside.

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Get winter ready now! Learn the important things you need to take care of for your home before the cold arrives!
Summer may have just ended but now’s a great time to get your home winter ready! Learn which things you need to check over and fix before the cold comes!

It might seem crazy to think about winter. That’s especially true with summer heat only a few weeks behind us. But the mild weather season is the perfect time to get your home ready for the cold. Yes, NOAA is calling for above normal temperatures this winter. But as any Amherst townie will tell you, winter only does what it wants. So if you want to save more on your electricity rates this winter, let’s talk about getting your Amherst home winter ready.

Inspect Your Heating Systems

The middle of the winter is the worst time to deal with expensive furnace repairs or replacements. Especially since new heaters can cost between $1,700-$9,700. That’s why you should order a furnace and boiler inspection from a licensed and trusted contractor. Not only can faulty parts make your heating less efficient and more expensive, but they can also break down at the worst times. Even worse, if your furnace doesn’t vent the exhaust properly, it can lead to harmful gases in your home! Get it checked as soon as possible!

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

When was the last time you checked on your home insulation? Because proper home insulation can cut 10-20% off your energy bills. This is because insulation keeps the heat energy inside your home during the winter and helps keep cold air out. As a result, your heating doesn’t have to use as much energy to do the same job. Best of all, home insulation helps you save money on summer cooling costs! Check out this ENERGY STAR guide to choose the right insulation for your home.

Don’t forget to have your home inspected for proper air sealing. Air leaks can make your home less efficient and lead to around 20% of your energy use going to waste. And that wasted energy will lead to huge energy bills. As an extra bonus, air sealing also improves air quality and home comfort.

Make Your Pipes Winter Ready

I had a pipe burst at my home a few years back and repairs cost me about $500. Ever since then, I made sure that I had proper pipe insulation throughout my house. This keeps my pipes from freezing up and shaved 3%-4% off my annual energy bills. Also, make sure to inspect your sprinkler and hose valves for leaks. Because drippy faucets can also lead to pipe bursts you don’t want.

Check Your Gutters

Lastly, be sure you keep your gutters clean. Gutter clogs can lead to ice dams, that keep water and snow on your roof. All that excess water can eventually force into your attic leading to damages, wasted heat energy, and expensive repairs. I also recommend using extendable snow rakes to help keep snow off your roof. It’s more work, but it can help extend the life of your roof.

Keep Your Home Winter Ready

The autumn shoulder months are the perfect time to get your home ready for winter. These tips are a great way to save you money and keep your home nice and comfy when it gets cold. You can trust to keep you up to date on the best ways to save money and energy. You can also shop here for the best energy rates in town.

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