Compare Cheapest Long Term Electricity in Boston

Shop low long term plans now and learn how they can help you save more on your Boston electric bills for years.

Higher Basic Service Rates Are Here

Long term electricity rates in Massachusetts are low right now! Learn how locking in a low fixed rate right now can save you money for years.
Learn how locking in a low fixed rate right now can help save you money on your Boston electricity bills for years.

January 1 came with more than New Year’s resolutions. It also arrived with a winter electricity rate hike for Eversource basic service customers. But if you shop now, you could save money in the long-term with the cheapest plans in Boston. Let’s compare your options for the cheapest long term electricity in town.

What Are Eversource Basic Service Rates?

On January 1, Eversource basic service rates rose to 17.251 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). Since the average MA consumer uses about 577 kWh of electricity per month, it means the basic service supply charge is around $100 per month!

Cheapest Long Term Electricity Rate

Make sure to check out Constellation for the best low rate. Their 36 Month Home Power Plan charges 14.49 cents per kWh. This means an average monthly supply charge of about $83 per month ($17 less than Eversource). Their plans also offer regular energy usage emails that can help you monitor if you are effectively reducing usage and costs. On top of great savings, Constellation is also one of the best overall energy companies as voted by our customers.

You might also check out the Constellation 24 Month Green Home Power Plan. This plan charges 15.19 cents per kWh, or about $88 supply charge per month ($12 less than Eversource). The plan helps you reduce your carbon footprint by using only renewable energy.

Best Green Long Term Energy

There are also other plans that support clean energy.

Be sure to check out the Direct Energy Go Green Lights 36 plan. This plan charges a rate of 15.09 cents per kWh or about $87 supply charge per month ($13 less than Eversource). On top of supporting green energy while saving money, customers can enjoy various rewards including shopping savings programs.

You might also enjoy the CleanSky Energy Embrace Green 24 plan. This plan charges 16.49 cents per kWh, which averages to a monthly supply charge of about $95 ($5 less than Eversource). Customers can enjoy more value through the CleanSky Energy rewards program that offers shopping, dining, and travel discounts.

Eversource basic service rates change twice a year. So, you’re never know very far in advance what they will be. However, long-term energy plans can lock in rates for up to 2 or 3 years. That means you’ll know what your rate is going to be at anytime during the contract. And if basic service rates rise, your long term rate will not change.

But what happens if you find better rates during a plan’s term length? Obviously, you can stick with your long term plan or you can switch to a new cheap plan. The key thing to look out for is that some providers charge an early termination fee if you want to leave early. So always double check your plan’s Terms of Service first to see if it makes “cents” to switch.

Choose Best Boston Long Term Rates

The New Year saw Eversource rates hike by 7%. That’s why many energy shoppers are considering long-term energy plans to lock in savings. Remember, you can shop for the best electricity rates in town at You can also visit us for all the news that could affect your energy bills.

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