Compare Cheap Electricity Deals in Brockton MA

Why pay National Grid's sky high basic service rates? Shop cheap electricity plans in Brockton for over 50% less!

Shop Cheap Brockton Electricity

Shop cheap electricity plans that undercut National Grid's basic service rate by 50%!
Shop cheap electricity plans in Brockton that beat National Grid’s basic service rate by 50%! Compare rates, read reviews, and save during the spring shoulder months!

It’s easy to see that MA electricity is really expensive. With electricity rates spiking up and staying up, it’s getting hard for MA electricity customers. But Brockton customers might be able to score some savings if they shop now. Let’s compare the Cheap electricity deals in Brockton.

Compare Brockton Basic Service Electricity

Right now, National Grid customers are paying a basic service rate of 33.891 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). In 2021, MA consumers used an average of 596 kWh of power per month. That means that National Grid customers would pay over $200 a month on just the supply portion of their bill.

But many electricity customers have discovered that they don’t have to pay high rates when they shop MA electricity providers.

Best 12-Month Brockton Electricity

If saving the most money is your biggest concern, then consider this plan.

First, the CleanSky Energy Embrace Green 12 plan charges 16.49 cents per kWh. This rate means a monthly supply charge of about $98 per month for 12 months. Customers can also earn shopping, dining, and travel discounts from the CleanSky Energy Rewards program. Best of all, the energy you purchase comes from 100% renewable sources. That makes this cheap and good for the environment.

However, the plan does charge a $150 cancellation fee. This means you may not want to switch or cancel if a better deal comes along.

Best No-ETF MA Electricity Deals

Recently, the EIA predicted that electricity prices may plummet in July. So if you want to save money and have the freedom to take advantage, consider these no early-termination fee (ETF) plans.

On the other hand, you might consider the Direct Energy Live Brighter 12 plan. The 16.99 cents per kWh rate means an average monthly supply charge of about $101. Customers can add value by taking advantage of the shopping, dining, and travel discounts from the Direct Energy Rewards program. Lastly, Direct Energy rates high in customer service as MA’s second best rated energy company.

Cheap Brockton MA Electricity Deals

Deciding which plan is right for you depends on your situation. Both plans will save you money compared to the current National Grid basic service rate. But, if prices do fall in July, the Direct Energy plan will save you money and make it easy to switch rates at a moment’s notice.

But whatever happens, will be there to keep you up to date on finding cheaper electricity. We’ll help you find plans to shield you from rate spikes that will also meet your needs. Shop and save on your MA electricity rates now!

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